Anamaria Cândido Ribeiro, S. D.A. Ribeiro


Capritec is a company devoted to dissemination of technology in the form of courses, consulting, lectures and events for producers, students and technicians involved with goat production. Capritec headquarters are located in Espírito Santo do Pinhal, in the state of São Paulo, in Southeastern Brazil. In the state of São Paulo, dairy goat production is well developed. Meat goat production is more modest, but has increased steadily in recent years. The main objective of Capritec is to transfer technology a) to enable interested producers, students, technicians and entrepreneurs to invest in goat production, b) to give them the necessary tools to avoid business failures in these enterprises and c) to contribute to the development of Brazil goat production. The company’s owners and collaborators have extensive experience with goats in the areas of animal production, reproduction and food processing. Between 2003 and 2006, 58 extension courses were offered, attended by 422 participants. The courses themes were goat production for beginners (4 courses), meat goat  production (9 courses), dairy goat production (5 courses), goat milk processing into cheese (12 courses), yoghurt, ice cream and sweets from goat milk (1 course), cosmetics from goat milk (2 courses), artificial insemination (7 courses), ultrasonography (2 courses), semen quality examination and fresh semen processing (2 courses), general handling practices (7 courses), preparation and economical evaluation of projects (6 courses), and goat health (2 courses). Courses emphasize practical hands-on activities and are taught in small groups. Women were in the minority, accounting for 23.51% of course participants, whereas men accounted for 71.49%. Between 2003 and 2006, 4 extension workshops were organized, attended by 826 participants. After each event, the participants were invited to answer a questionnaire, to mention the strengths and weaknesses of the course, and to score and give suggestions for future courses. The ratings and suggestions were evaluated at meetings with the instructors to improve the quality of the courses. The ratings, on a scale from 0 to 10, were above 9, on average, indicating the high level of satisfaction of the participants.


Courses, Goat production, Producers, Technicians


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