Aida Gómez-Miranda, Carlos Manuel Arriaga-Jordán, Rodolfo Vieyra-Alberto, Joaquín Miguel Castro-Montoya, Felipe López González


Background: The use of weeds in animal feed is a common practice in Mexico. Objective: To evaluate the ensilage of grasses as forage alternatives in the feeding of cows in small-scale milk production systems. Methodology: Two grass silages were evaluated: Slg-40 with 40% mirasol and 30% barley, and Slg-60 with 60% mirasol and 40% grasses and other grasses, with corn silage (Slg-Mz), supplemented with 4.1 kg MS of commercial concentrate. In a 3X3 Latin square repeated twice with 6 cows and 14-day periods. Forage chemical composition and productive response were evaluated. Results: An average content of Neutral Detergent Fibre of 650 g/kg MS, Acid Detergent Fibre of 479 g/kg MS, and Crude Protein of 62 g/kg DM were reported in the grass silages; estimated metabolizable energy levels of 7 and 8 MJ/kg DM were reported for the SLG-40 and Slg-Mz silages, respectively. In the productive response a higher fat content is reported for the Slg-40 treatment, with respect to Slg-60, for milk yield, protein, lactose, milk urea nitrogen, dry matter intake, live weight and body condition no differences were reported (p˃0.05). Implications: This work raises the use of vetch as silage in animal feeding. Conclusion: Silage of weed proved to be a feeding alternative in the face of forage shortage scenarios.


Weeds; Cosmos bipinnatus; maize silage; barley.

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