Flor Sánchez Cruz, Daniel Calzada Ruiz, Emyr Saul Peña Marín, Carlos Alfonso Álvarez González, José Manuel Juárez Barrientos, Juan Pablo Alcántar Vázquez, José Manuel Ramírez Ochoa


Background: Native fish species are a developing alternative for sustainable aquaculture worldwide and in Mexico, the southern region is leading the efforts in freshwater species. Objective: To assess the effect of different stocking densities on the productive performance of native fish juveniles of blackstripe cichlid (Vieja fenestrata). Methodology: A one-factor randomized experimental design was used, evaluating in triplicate four stocking densities, 0.5 (L), 2 (M), 4 (H) and 6 (S) juvenile L-1. The experiment lasted 30 days. Wet weight and total length were registered every 15 days and growth performance indices were obtained. Results: Growth and survival were superior (P<0.05) for densities L and M. However, the M density showed a higher (P<0.05) growth rate, weight gain, and condition factor. Implications: The stocking density showed an apparent effect on the growth and survival of juveniles of the blackstripe cichlid, with the M density showing the best results; however, a cost-benefit assessment is required before starting production of this tropical native species. Conclusion: Our results suggest that a territorial and/or food competition was probably responsible for the survival and growth obtained. Although more studies are required, it appears that Vieja fenestrata showed the typical patrons of behaviour of another most famous cichlids, as Nile tilapia, with high levels of aggression that depend on stoking density.  


Growth; juvenile; native species; social hierarchy; survival

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