Mónica Ramírez Mella, Omar Hernández Mendo


Nanotechnology, defined as that technology in which materials and structures are found in nanometric scales, has increased his application and research, since small scales materials have different properties and characteristics compared to those at higher scale. Recently, research on nanobiotechnology has been increased, especially that focused on drugs for human health, and there is the need of applying that knowledge on animal health, in order to improve animal production process. However, there is a lack or null information about it, even though research focused on human health is carried out using animal models. It is important to take into consideration that nanotechnology must include ethical, environmental and food safety factors. Therefore, the objective of this review is to offer a general view on nanotechnology and its application on veterinary and animal production, based on the new challenges to explore new research areas according to actual needs to obtain benefits for the society.


nanoparticle; nanomaterial; veterinary; zootechnics


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