Itamar Chareo-Benítez, José Antonio Yam-Tzec, Ana Rosa Ramírez-Seañez, José Orbelin Gutiérrez-Hernández, Hipólito Hernández-Hernández


Background: Calcium nitrate is a widely used fertilizer in the preparation of nutrient solutions. However, there is still a need to determine the effects of different levels of calcium nitrate on the Persian cucumber crop to optimize fertilization practices and improve crop yield. Objective: To determine the effects of two levels of calcium nitrate in the nutrient solution on the growth, yield, and nutrient content of two Persian cucumber hybrids (Bereket and Cruz). Methodology: The experiment was carried out in a completely randomized design in a factorial arrangement (two hybrids and two nutrient solutions) under greenhouse conditions. Results: The nutrient solution with 11 meq L-1 of calcium nitrate increased the concentration of nitrate and calcium in the petiole sap of the Cruz hybrid in the flowering stage; however, the yield of both hybrids decreased. On the other hand, the nutrient solution with 9 meq L-1 of calcium nitrate increased the number of fruits of both hybrids and the yield per plant of the Cruz hybrid. Implications: The Cruz hybrid showed to be more efficient in calcium uptake than the Bereket hybrid, which is interesting since it could require less calcium application without affecting yield. However, other studies are necessary to expand this information. Conclusion: The nutrient solution containing 9 meq L-1 of calcium nitrate showed a significant increase in the number of fruits per plant for both the Cruz and Bereket hybrids. This highlights the importance of appropriate calcium nitrate supplementation in the nutrient solution, as it enhances the production of hydroponically grown Persian cucumbers. 


Cucumis sativus L.; cucumber in greenhouse; hydroponic cucumber; cucumber crop nutrition

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