Adewale Adekunle, Adeolu Ayanwale, Ayodeji Damilola Kehinde


Background. Innovation platforms (IP) are a set-up where a group of stakeholders that are somewhat interdependent are identified and invited to get together and interact in a forum for social learning. However, Sub-Saharan African researchers have recently paid very little attention to its participation. Objective. To investigate the determinants of participation in IPs and its sustainability. The study specifically outlines the socioeconomic characteristics of the farmers and identifies variables influencing farmers' participation in IPs and the sustainability of such IPs. Methodology. The study used a multistage sampling technique to collect its data. The data were analyzed using the Double hurdle count model. Results. The results of the first hurdle indicate that the decision to participate in IPs is significantly influenced by factors such as gender, age, household size, years of farming experience, number of female working-class members, young dependents, aged dependents, access to agricultural extension, and asset ownership. While the findings of the second hurdle model reveal that gender, age, marital status, years of schooling, the number of female members of the working class, the number of young dependents, the number of aged dependents, access to extension services, and asset ownership play a significant role in determining the sustainability of participation in IPs. Implications. The paper adds evidence for a better understanding of the determinants of participation in IPs and its sustainability. Conclusions. Based on these findings, it is recommended that institutional structures and programs that enhance farmers' education, the frequency of extension contacts, and farm income be implemented to sustain participation in IPs. 


Determinants; Participation; Innovation platforms; Sustainability; Sub-Saharan Africa.

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