M. Martinez-Perez, Luis Armando Sarmiento-Franco, C.A. Sandoval-Castro, R.H. Santos-Ricalde, A.M. Safwat, Y. Garcia-Hernandez


Background. Rustic birds such as Rhode Island Red are adapted to the tropical environmental conditions. Raising them using free range in the tropics improve meat quality. However, the production cost is high when males are used for meat production, due to their low feed efficiency. Objective. To assess growth performance of Rhode Island Red male chickens as affected by indoor vs. outdoor housing systems between 7 to 14 weeks of age. Methodology. One hundred and twenty male chickens were allotted in two different housing systems: indoors vs. outdoor with acces to a free-range pasture of native plants. The experimental diet in growing stage (7-14 weeks of age) included processed Mucuna pruriens (soaked and cooked) in 15 % of the diet. For data analysis, a generilized linear model was used with repeated measures at different ages, considering effects of treatment, week and the interaction between both. The study of the whole experimental period considered the fixed effect of trial and liveweight at the start of the test as covariable. Results. Week was the most consistent effect, and treatment only affected feed intake, with values of 91.99 vs. 87.54 g/bird/day in indoor vs outdoor, respectively. There was only interaction between treatment and week in weight gain. For the whole period, there were no differences due to the housing systems for the variables under study. Nevertheless, initial live weight affected weight gain and conversion. Implication. Alternative raising systems for rustic birds in the tropics can be an option for small and middle producers, where animal welfare and feed costs improve. Conclusion. The productive behavior in Rhode Island Red male chickens is not modified by the raising system.             


poultry; captivity and free range; processed mucuna.

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