Juan de Dios García-Villegas, Carlos Manuel Arriaga-Jordán, Anastacio García-Martínez, Adolfo Armando Rayas-Amor, Carlos Galdino Martínez-García


Background. In the rural zones, the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), is a theme that stating to rise, for instance, the use of mobile phone by the small-scale dairy farmers. Objective. The aim of the research was  to identify the importance, the information that farmers receive and communicate and the variables influencing the use of the ICT by farmers. Methodology. A questionnaire was conducted with 170 farmers, to collect information about farmers’ characteristics, household, farm characteristics, the importance of the ICT, information that farmers receive and communicate through the ICT. Descriptive statistics and binary logistic regression analysis were conducted to analyse the information. Results. Farmers considered the mobile phone as fairly important, since it allowed farmers to communicate and disseminate information related to their farm through calls, messages (SMS) and WhatsApp messages. The main themes that were communicated were: veterinary services, communication between farmers (meetings, water supply to irrigate grasslands and problems on the farm), buying and selling products and government services. The variables that describe farmers’ characteristics, household and farmers’ perception of the importance of the ICT, showed a significant association (P<0.05) with their use. Implications. The understanding of the importance of the ICT use, on the small-scale dairy farms context was the main contribution of the research; in addition, some suggestions of communication and dissemination of information have been made to test in the field. Conclusions. The ICT were considered to be important for the fast way to communicate and disseminate information between farmers. The variables that describe farmers’ characteristics and household were associated with the use of the ICT. 


Small-scale dairy farmers; Information and communication technologies; household; logistic regression.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.56369/tsaes.3338

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