[Clavibacter michiganensis ssp sepedonicus: A BACTERIAL DISEASE IN POTATO CROP (Solanum tuberosum L.) IN SONORA, MÉXICO

Edgar Omar Rueda Puente, Maricela Duarte Medina, Ana Gabriela Alavarado Martinez, Adrian Mauricio Garcia Ortega, Mario Antonio Tarazon Herrera, Ramon Jaime Holguin Peña, Bernardo Murillo Amador, Jose Luis Garcia Hernandez, Arnoldo Flores Hernandez, Ignacio Orona Castillo


In the world, the potato whit rice and corn and wheat are the four most important crops of food for human. In recent years it has been detected in some regions of the United States (USA) y Canada, the bacterium Clavibacter michiganensis ssp sepedonicus (Cms), which it causes the disease named bacterial ring rot of potato. This microorganism provokes rotting in tubercle, steams, and leaves of potato, and it has the particularity of being spreading by seed. Given the proximity of the USA and Canada with Mexico, and being the latter an importer of seed from USA and Canada, the possibilities for an eventual presence of this disease are significant, especially in regions where watermelon production is important. The Sonora state is a major region to produce potato and other crops in Mexico. For that reason, the present investigation had the objective in know the status of Cms in the areas where is produced the crops potatoes in Sonora, México, and detect on seed from others countries and detect Cms on seed consider by the farms which it is to human consume. The investigation was carried out in the Universidad de Sonora-Campus Santa Ana. This research consisted in obtain seed introduced from others countries and those national to be use as seed. Also was obtained samples of stages of seedling, flowering and matures plants to diagnostic Cms by specific media, conjugation of specific antibodies with the bacterium in study, training of caps of inmuno-reactions, enzymatical developing and pathogenic test. The result showed positive of Cms to tubercle national which it is to human consume and considered as a seed and those seed from others countries the results were negative. In different stages of growth of potatoe crop in Sonora, México, was negative its diagnostic.


potatoe; Solanum tuberosum; Clavibacter michiganensis ssp. sepedonicus.

URN: http://www.revista.ccba.uady.mx/urn:ISSN:1870-0462-tsaes.v10i2.148

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